General Information

Since 1st January 2006, the law concerning the asset management (VVG - Asset Management Law) is in force. This law forms the basis for asset management companies as a new and internationally recognized financial intermediary. The Financial Market Supervisory (FMA) monitors the fulfilment of the Asset Management Law as well as the regulations issued, as well as the compliance of these regulations and they make sure that they take the necessary measures.

The VVG regulates the conditions for a professional provision and procuring of asset management, and aims to protect customers and ensure confidence in the financial centre of Liechtenstein. The VVG concerns asset management companies that are domiciled in Liechtenstein.

The independent investment experts of Alean (Capital) AG have decades of experience in asset management and in managing large assets. In addition they are used to implement their tasks in a very politically and economically challenging environment.

The conditions for the financial centre Liechtenstein allow independent asset managers to offer comprehensive financial services of high quality.