Alean (Capital) Ltd. is an independent asset management company, whose founder with his swiss company Studio A. Ciocca SA, can look back on a more than 25 year of successful history and business activity in the asset management, fund management and investment consulting.

The Liechtenstein Alean (Capital) Ltd. was founded in the year 2007 and is an independent asset management company under the law of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The company received its license for asset management from the FMA (Financial Market Supervisory of Liechtenstein) in April 2010.

Alean (Capital) Ltd. is notified in Liechtenstein as well as in Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain.

We are an experienced team of investment specialists with a flexible and independent structure. Our setup and offering are very transparent and efficient.

Alean (Capital) AG is a member of the association of independent asset managers of Liechtenstein (VuVL) and an associated participant in the investor compensation scheme, which is operated by the Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation PCC (FL-0002.039.614-1) and corresponds with EU law. Further information is available on the Foundation's website under

  • Autonomy
    We act totally independently and without any conflicts of interest
  • Transparency
    We inform and report transparently and extensively at regular intervals
  • Integrity – Sincerity
    Interest and wealth of our clients are our key focus
  • Reliability – Discretion – Sustainability – Continuity
    We always work towards a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust
  • Cost efficiency – Individuality – Flexibility
    We offer individual, personal and flexible advice with a core focus on cost reduction
  • Tailor made solutions – high service quality – security
    We have a highly trained team with extensive experience in the financial sector. Our investment approach is
    diversified, deliberate and disciplined, according to the most modern investment principles, with active and passive
    investment strategies in accordance with the best-in-class approach (open architecture). We therefore monitor
    financial markets and the compliance of your risk profile on a constant basis

Dynamic investment process / Top-Down approach

  • Investment strategy – long-term diversification of the assets
  • Investment tactic – deviation of the investment strategy
  • Implementation with selected investment vehicles

Diversification of investment classes

  • Making full use of the diversification potential along with the strategic hedge of currency risks

Market Trading / Timing

  • Dynamic tactical deviations from the agreed investment strategy for maximum return of market trends and short term investment opportunities

Optimized and efficient

  • Passive, that means an index orientated implementation in information efficient markets
  • Active implementation and use of active management in the other markets
Board:lic. oec. publ. Alessandro Ciocca, lic. iur. Susanne Keicher, Prof. Robert Gutsche Ph.D.
Management /Team:Heinz Neusüss, Stefan Vedana, Marina Wohlwend, Sandra Bettinelli, Elke Grob
Assets under Management:Private Clients / Funds / Charitable Foundations / Family Offices
Know-how/ Experience:Top skilled employees with long lasting experience in the financial sector
Network:International banks, Broker, tax advisers
Trust officers and financial experts from D / FL / CH / A 
Authority:FMA Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Auditor:ReviTrust Grant Thornton AG, Bahnhofstr. 15, 9494 Schaan
Capital:CHF 500’000.--
Memberships:Association of independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein - VuVL
Associated participant in the investor compensation scheme EAS